AI Powered Cyber Protection

with Blockchain Technology

Scale up easily. Go global. Let AI And Blockchain Take care of the Cyber protection.

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What is Nipty Coin?

Nipty Coin (NPT) is an innovative digital currency that serves as the backbone of an AI-powered cyber protection service. It leverages the capabilities of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to offer robust security solutions in the digital realm.

At its core, Nipty Coin aims to address the increasing cybersecurity threats and protect individuals, organizations, and their assets from various forms of cyber attacks. By combining the power of AI and blockchain, Nipty Coin offers a unique and advanced approach to cyber protection.

  • Network Protection
  • API Guard
  • Sourcecode Protection
  • Blockchain Security
  • Web and App AI powered Protection
  • Protection for IOT Apps

Analyze & Secure vast amounts of data

The AI component of Nipty Coin enables it to analyze vast amounts of data, detect patterns, and identify potential cyber threats in real-time. This AI-driven analysis allows for proactive measures to be taken, predicting and preventing attacks before they can cause significant damage. The AI algorithms continually learn and adapt to evolving cyber threats, ensuring an up-to-date and effective defense mechanism.

The blockchain technology integrated into Nipty Coin provides transparency, immutability, and decentralized consensus. It allows for secure and tamper-proof storage of cyber protection-related data, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of the information. The decentralized nature of the blockchain also reduces the risk of a single point of failure, enhancing the overall security and reliability of the system.

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Nipty Coin (NPT) serves as the native cryptocurrency of the platform

Users can utilize NPT tokens to access and utilize the AI-powered cyber protection services offered by the platform. Additionally, NPT can be used to incentivize and reward users who contribute to the security of the network, such as reporting vulnerabilities or participating in bug bounty programs.

The Nipty Coin ecosystem brings together individuals, businesses, and cybersecurity experts, fostering collaboration and information sharing to combat cyber threats effectively. The platform provides a range of services, including vulnerability assessments, real-time threat monitoring, incident response, secure data storage, and secure communication channels.

The Benefits of Nipty Coin holders

How it all started

January 2017
The origin of Nipty platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.
May 2017
Attracting investment deals, further expansion.
June 2017
Team building, focus on product development
August 2017
Appointment of advisors, mentors and think tanks.
October 2017
Partnerships with 40+ blockchain companies and communities to support NPT coins.
December 2017
ICO planning, design and marketing. Collaboration with different ICO platforms.
January 2018
NPT launches ICO, and fundraising starts.
March 2018
Nipty AI and Blockchain software development, protocols and standards development.
May 2018
Platform and NPT wallet release. Product launch.
July 2018
Ecosystem development and strenthenging. Documenation kit for community development launched.
September 2018
Releases API for cross platform integration.
November 2018
AI Technology integration with NPT to provide next level of cyber security using AI.
January 2019
NPT listing in exchanges to provide liquidity and trading opportunity to NPT holders.

Token Distribution

Our clients — both corporate and private ones — will access all the services they need from a single platform.

Blockchain technology gives us the chance to make your finances grow faster and give better returns.

  • Distributed to Community %

  • 13% Reserved Funding

  • 9% Founders and Team

  • 2% Advisors

  • 1% Bounty campaign

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